• Identifying Potential Candidate SNP's and Genes Linked to Handedness for Future Study

      Takyar, Ankit (The University of Arizona., 2012)
      The goal was to identify genes for future study that might be linked to handedness for potential candidate gene study. We were able to find 3 major genes through statistically analyzing SNP data within a Genome-wide association Statistical Analysis tool, PLINK. 27 SNPs were chosen based on P-values of below .001, further analysis was done to these 27 SNPs to figure out their gene locus. Using NCBI we found 21 SNPs were within a gene locus. A total of 16 genes were found from the 21 SNPs that were located within a gene locus. Three extra genes were examined since they were located in a gene of interest CTNNA2. The genes found were further screened for high expression in subcortical regions and that have been implicated in neural function or brain development. Out of the 17 genes determined, IRAK2, NRG1, and CTNNA2 adhered to the criteria for screening.
    • Islamic Finance for Poverty Alleviation

      Chuk, T S (The University of Arizona., 2012)
      There is a direct relation between religion and economics. Islamic Finance links the pillars of Islamic faith with financial instruments to produce an ethics based approach to finance. The increasing occurrence of Islamic Financial Institutions worldwide lays the groundwork for Islamic Finance to become a viable ethics based alternative to conventional finance. This thesis outlines the modern origins of Islamic Finance, its distinguishing characteristics and approaches to poverty alleviation in the Middle East and North Africa using the instruments of Islamic Finance to conclude that development approaches under the scope of Islamic Finance are viable.