• The post-Hyogo Framework: What’s next for disaster risk reduction?

      Benicchio, Romain (Oxfam International, 2012-06-03)
      The Post-Hyogo Framework, the successor to the Millennium Development Goals, and a new climate agreement are all expected in 2015. Thus, the next three years offer an outstanding opportunity to provide a crucial step change in disaster risk reduction (DRR) through the development of new international instruments. In this paper, Oxfam calls for equality and accountability to be enshrined as the primary drivers of DRR within the follow-up to the Hyogo Framework for Action, in order to provide an unambiguous direction for the negotiation of the agreement and its subsequent implementation at local, national, regional and international levels.
    • Power, Rights, and Inclusive Markets: Public policies that support small-scale agriculture

      Sahan, Erinch; Thorpe, Jodie (Oxfam International, 2013-06-05)
      By supporting small-scale agricultural producers, policy makers in governments and donor agencies can help some of the poorest people in the world to improve their livelihoods. Unfortunately, evidence suggests that most donor and government policies are currently biased towards large-scale agriculture at the expense of small-scale producers, women, and rural communities. This briefing note draws on recent Oxfam research to describe specific examples of how policy makers can govern markets and incentivise commercial investment in agriculture that includes small-scale producers. Policy recommendations focus on three key principles: giving small-scale producers, particularly women, power in markets and in politics; protecting basic rights; and supporting inclusive markets.
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