• Effectiveness Review: Enhancing Access and Control to Sustainable Livelihood Assets, Philippines

      Hughes, Karl (Oxfam GB, 2012-10-08)
      The Enhancing Access and Control to Sustainable Livelihood Assets of the Manobo Tribe through Improved and Strengthened Self-governance of the Ancestral Territory programme is being implemented by Oxfam’s partner organisation, Paglilingkod Batas Pangkapatiran Foundation Incorporated (PBPF). The project aims is to improve household food security and empower women among a group of indigenous peoples that reside in a mountainous area that make up the Manobo-Mamanua Ancestral Domain. These full and summary reports document the findings of a quasi-experimental impact evaluation of this project carried out in March 2011.
    • Effectiveness Review: Food Security and Livelihoods Support among Fishers and Fish Processors, Democratic Republic of Congo

      Fuller, Rob (Oxfam GB, 2013-04-22)
      Oxfam GB carried out a food security and livelihoods programme in the area of Kasenyi and Tchomia, beside Lake Albert in the north-east of the Democratic Republic of Congo, from December 2008 to November 2009. In early 2012, a quasi-experimental evaluation was carried out to determine whether the impact of this work had been sustained. These reports document the findings of this process.